How does our brand translate into photography?

Photography plays a big part in our communication and designs. We want to be authentic when translating our essence, our vision and showing who we are through the photos we use. Here are some keywords to help choose the right photos for your project.


Transformational Journey

Catch The Fire is about seeing lives transformed by encounters with God. Use photographs that show and celebrate this transformation that can happen in our lives. It can be expressed in three different ways:

UPWARD The corporate act of reaching out to God.
Keywords: corporate worship, multitudes of people praying, events, conferences

INWARD Our personal relationship with God.
Keywords: quiet time, intimate gatherings, small groups, details

OUTWARD Giving God's love away to our community and the world.
Keywords: global, missions, volunteering, action

Global Family

We have locations all over the world and members coming from all walks of life, from babies to seniors. Our photography should aunthentically represent the people who are a part of our community and give a sense of belonging and warmth.
Keywords: authentic, accepting, inviting, warm, diverse

Passion for Revival

Revival means reawakening, restoration or “new again”. We want our photos to speak life and to communicate the vibrance of living a life of revival. Photos should show the results of transformed lives, not the state before. Natural lighting and bright surroundings are encouraged.
Keywords: bold, life, hopeful, identity, belonging