Our logo is a symbol made up of an image and some text that quickly helps us identify our thriving brand.

We love our logo — it’s the cornerstone of our brand. We would love for you to follow these simple guidelines to ensure it looks its best.

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Our Logo Mark

Our logo mark is a clear and recognisable focal point of the brand. The icon has been carefully crafted and stands for many things - the Fire, the C and F from our brand name and the Trinity represented by the three points.

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Clear Space

Clear space ensures legibility and visual impact by isolating the glyph from competing visual elements. Determine the minimum clear space around the glyph by measuring half of the ‘0’ all the way around the boxed bubble of the logo.



It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, colour and composition should remain as indicated in this brand style guide — there are no exceptions.

wrong-old logo@2x.png

Do not use the old version of the logo.


Do not rotate the logo.


Do not apply a gradient to the logo mark or word mark.


Do not change the logo colour or tone outside of the Catch The Fire Red, White or Black.


Do not change the proportions of the logo elements.


Do not stack ordering of the logo mark and word mark.


Do not distort, stretch or warp the logo in any way.

wrong-word only@2x.png

Do not use the wordmark without the icon.

wrong-sub brand@2x.png

Do not add surrounding copy including location names or sub brands unless its included in these guidelines.


Do not box the logo.


Do not outline or create a keyline around the logo.


Do not change the typeface nor recreate or manipulate the wordmark and the icon.


Logo on Backgrounds

Choosing the correct colour of the logo will depend on the background it’s sat on.

colour-on light@2x.png

Use full colour logo or black logo on white backgrounds or very light backgrounds.

colour-on dark@2x.png

Use the white or inverted version on dark backgrounds or image backgrounds.


Do not use colour version of the logo on imagery.


Church Signage

Catch The Fire building or banner signs need to use the ‘Church’ logo version found in the Logo Pack. For churches around the world there are also translated versions available. Where possible, use only the landscape logo format in standard colour. If there is not enough real-estate for the landscape logo format like for vertical spaces, vertical banners or vertical signage, only then use the stacked logo format.


Translation Examples:


What About Location Specific Versions?

Catch The Fire is a global church and one body. We want to acknowledge this by having one logo that is shared by every church.

We recognise however that each church has their own website, events and social media channels but in these contexts the logo sits alongside supporting copy that defines the church location, for example; in the website url, social channel name or username.

When Catch The Fire [location] is your charity status, writing the location after the name Catch The Fire can be used accordingly in the given formal setting like letterheads and business cards. If the context is not a formal setting, replace Catch The Fire [location] with Catch The Fire Church.



Logo usage


Choosing the Right Logo

logo full.png

Primary Logo

Where possible, always use the primary logo in standard colour. If there is not enough real-estate for the landscape format then please use the stacked version.

logo church full.png

Church Logo

For Catch The Fire Church Signage please use the Church version of the logo. If there is not enough real-estate for the landscape format then please use the stacked version. For a version of this logo in another translation, please email brand@catchthefire.com

logo mark only.png

Logo Mark

Using the logo mark in isolation should be used sparingly and only in cases when the Catch The Fire brand has already been well established. While the icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark should never exist without the icon.


Choosing the Right File Type



PNG - Portable Network Graphic files can be used for almost any digital purpose. They’re also useful if you need digital images with transparency, such as logos to put on coloured backgrounds or on top of other images. This file type is not recommended for print but should be used for:

  • Presentations & Letterheads

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Website and Blogs



SVG – Scalable Vector Graphic files have the same benefits as eps, however the svg logo pack colour mode is RGB for digital usage. SVG files are also vector which means however big or small, the logo will always be crisp and maintain quality. Use this file type for:

  • Website Logo if supported (e.g. Squarespace)

  • Digital Animation



EPS - Encapsulated PostScript files are a graphic format for vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator. They’re used for printing and editing purposes and are commonly referred to as “working files” or “master files.” Use this file type for:

  • Print material (e.g. banners, flyers, brochures)

  • Clothing and swag

  • Signage

  • Stickers



Brand Coaching


The brand experience impacts us all.

Enjoy catching up on this global brand coaching session from March 27th 2019 where the logo component was explored.




Download the logo pack


Got Questions?

If you are having trouble with anything in this guide, you are missing brand elements from the brand package, or you are unsure if your communication best represents the Catch The Fire brand, please contact the Catch The Fire brand team at brand@catchthefire.com

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