Our Brand

Catch The Fire is our brand. It is more than just a name, it is who we are as a family and the compelling motivation of why we do what we love to do. It’s a set of values, attributes, and artwork that reflects the heart of this movement, honouring the past, acknowledging the present and making room for what God is opening up for the future.

This brand style guide is a standard of excellence that will support you to communicate Catch The Fire’s intentions clearly and consistently.

As we all journey through the integration process together you will see the brand style guide grow too. Details will continually be identified, defined and outlined on here.


Brand Essence



Intentionally hosting and experiencing the Glory of God, becoming immersed in the fire of His love.




Pursuing the invitation to know God face to face, being impacted by His extravagant love.




The evident change that comes from living a lifestyle of encountering the loving presence of God.



Brand Tagline


The invitation.

Encounter God’s transforming presence


Brand Components

Each one of these nine key components has a significant role to intentionally support how you communicate the brand.


Brand Experience



Encounter. Relationship. Love. Grace. Presence. Intimacy. Belong. Rest. Receive. Trust. Connection. Vulnerability. Humility. Home. Welcoming. Lavished.



Freedom. Identity. Health. Uniqueness. Authenticity. Genuine. Integrity. Ownership. Transparency. Courage. Transformation. Love.



Presence. Spirit. Supernatural. Power. Anointing. Truth. Spontaneity. Trinity. Revelation. Belief. Faith. Thriving. Diversity. Honour. Love.



Equip. Growth. Learn. Raising Leaders. Equality. Excellence. Journey. Destiny. Joy. Fun. Passionate. Creative. Extravagance. Abundance. Story. Impartation. Love.



Support. Accountability. Progression. Multiplication. Give. Generous. Action. Movement. Quality. Change. Advancing. Innovation. Direction. Teamwork. Friendship. Family. Community. Strategic. Faith.


Brand Support

Brand Team

Our global brand team are passionate about seeing Catch The Fire’s brand continually flourish with communication integrity, consistency and excellence. They are here to support you.


Creative Freelancers

Need help with anything creative? Check out our list of passionate and reputable creative communicators within the Catch The Fire family. Their freelancing service is available to support you.


Got a Question?

Question everything, we love it. A powerful question creates a powerful conversation. If you have a question, chances are other people are also asking the same. Check out our brand FAQs or in addition, ask us a question.


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