Every image and photograph is vibrantly telling an honest and authentic story.

As Catch The Fire ambassadors, from the imagery you use you are encapsulating Catch The Fire’s brand essence: presence; encounter; and transformation in all that you communicate.

Be selective with images and use them appropriately.


Photography Guidelines

It’s important to capture authentic moments that invite others into the story. We’ve put together some helpful guides when taking photograph

  • Show diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity

  • Depict real people, living real moments— avoid staged scenes or stiff poses

  • Shoot in natural light whenever possible.

  • When focusing on one subject, capture the emotion (faces, not hands)

  • Show the expanse of the experience - use the room


Privacy policy

It is recommended you research what privacy policies are in operation where you are located. May we remind you to be sensitive to people especially in vulnerable moments and therefore ask their permission before you take a photograph of them. It would also be desirable to ask their permission when using their photograph in context, digitally or for print. Please be aware, parents must consent to their child being photographed in any circumstance. Some churches have a disclaimer written in the entrance area of the building they are in, clearly highlighting photography intentions.

  • Capture the moment in action

  • Keep the focus on celebration

  • Show relationship through action

  • Strong use of foreground elements to put the subject in context

  • Be sensitive to people and don’t infringe on their privacy



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God Is Here-Teeography Day2-eve-9.jpg
God Is Here-Teeography Day3-eve-5.jpg


Don’t have a photographer?


That’s ok.

We understand not all churches have a media team or photographers. There are some great FREE resources we’d encourage you to use to help make quality content. Unsplash and Pexels are great for royalty free professional photography.


Image Don’ts


Avoid using unrealistic stock photography.


Avoid using photography that might misinform the scale of an event.


Avoid using cliche imagery.



Brand Coaching


Every image and photograph vibrantly tells an honest and authentic story.

Enjoy catching up on this global brand coaching session from April 23rd 2019 where the Imagery component was explored.