Through designing for print and for web, you are connecting to your target audience in an inspirational and informative way. Every piece of written and visual content is significant to help them realize their value, place and position in the local church — a healthy place they call home, get equipped and be actively involved in.

As Catch The Fire ambassadors, from the print and web design pieces you create, you are encapsulating Catch The Fire’s brand essence: presence; encounter; and transformation in all that you communicate.


Start by identifying your intended response from those you are connecting with when designing. A clear understanding of your subject and your target audience will help you navigate imagery, composition, media, words and the balance between inspiration and information. This will also help you choose the appropriate communication channel.

Written Content

By using a conversational tone, keep text to a minimum.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

Avoid repeating information.

Check your spelling, grammar and links.

Use memorable headlines to grab attention.

Create interest and add value so the target audience is curious to know more.

Provide clear calls to actions. Keep them short and simple.

[see language component for further details]

Visual Content

Be selective with images and use them appropriately.

Choose images that vibrantly tell a story.

Use only those images that are authentic to your own church, ministry or community.

For background images with text overlay, think about the brightness so the text is legible.

Avoid mixing black and white imagery with colour, unless it is a design intention.

Think about the differences of files and file sizes required for both print and web.

Print — JPEG [set size — CMYK]; PDF [changeable — CMYK]; and at least 300dpi

Web — JPEG [set size — RGB]; and PNG [scalable — RGB]; 72dpi

[see imagery component for further details]


Each Catch The Fire church is responsible for creating their own designs to clearly communicate an identified message. The blog section will help support you with templates and design examples from other churches.


Each Catch The Fire church is responsible for creating their own website for an online experience that inspires the audience to keep coming back for more. It is important to keep content current with all the necessary information easy to access. The website URL is purchased by Catch The Fire, but the host is determined by each church.


Brand Coaching