This collection of primary and secondary colours are to be used across Catch The Fire’s branding and media. We’ve also included some suggested colour combinations which can be used to reflect the brand.


Primary Palette


HEX #FFFFFF RGB 255 255 255

CMYK 0 0 0 0


HEX #1A2144 RGB 26 33 68

CMYK 100 87 44 51 PANTONE 282C


HEX #F7124A RGB 247 18 24

CMYK 0 98 60 0 PANTONE 192C


Colour Ratio

This is a rough guide for the ratio of using the primary colours.

Catch The Fire Red should be used sparingly to accent key elements of marketing or brand material. To ensure the feel of the brand remains bright and vibrant, white should be the most dominant brand colour

primary ratio.png
red 1.png

Secondary Palette


HEX #1794BF RGB 23 148 191

CMYK 98 12 11 0 PANTONE 639C


HEX #3a3d93 RGB 58 61 147

CMYK 97 95 0 0 PANTONE 2736 C


Suggested Colour Combinations

Here are some suggested colour combinations you can use to create bespoke visuals but which maintain brand consistency. There are many other combinations that can be made so please get creative and experiment with the colour palette.


Colour Creative Examples

CTF Grafting Doc_v2.jpg
CTF Grafting Doc_v23.jpg
CTF Statement of Faith2.jpg


colour ex1.png
colour ex2.png
CTF Grafting Doc_v22.jpg
colour photo.jpg

Brand Coaching


“Colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Enjoy catching up on this global brand coaching session from May 29th 2019 where the Colour component was explored.