official logo

Catch The Fire as a Global Ministry

This logo was designed to be flexible and adaptable for future expansions. This logo should be used at all times, unless your document or communication piece needs to have a local extension for legal or marketing purposes. 


Catch The Fire is a registered trademark. Use the logo with the ® symbol, unless the size or location of the logo makes it impossible or it affects the design in a negative way.


Primary Colour

Our main colour is Catch The Fire Red. 


Use the coloured version of the logo as much as possible. In cases where you can’t, use the alternatives that will give the logo high visibility and contrast.

CATCH THE FIRE RED    PMS:   201   CMYK:   7, 100, 65, 32   RGB:   163, 11, 53   HEX:   #a30b35


PMS: 201
CMYK: 7, 100, 65, 32
RGB: 163, 11, 53
HEX: #a30b35


Clear Space

A clear space around the logo is necessary for the logo to stand out. The clear space should be equal to the height of the letters for maximum legibility and impact. Avoid crowding the logo with unnecessary graphics or typography. Use the example below to visualize the clear area — there should be no other graphics within the grey zone. 

Minimum and Maximum Size

There is no set limit for the minimum or maximum size. Use your judgement when sizing the logo. It should not be the most dominant element on the page and it shouldn't be so small that you can't read it.

The logo is too big and is taking over a lot of the page.

Using the Logo

Consistent use of our logo will create a unified identity that is easily recognized by others and that can be protected from unauthorized uses.


Our official logo has three elements: the flame, the typeface and the colours. These shouldn't be altered in any way.

DO NOT  change the colour combination

DO NOT change the colour combination

DO NOT   distort the shape   

DO NOT distort the shape

DO NOT   remove the flame

DO NOT remove the flame

DO NOT   alter the flame   

DO NOT alter the flame

DO NOT   change the font   

DO NOT change the font

DO NOT   alter the composition   

DO NOT alter the composition

DO NOT   make a new logo

DO NOT make a new logo

DO NOT   add new names or groups

DO NOT add new names or groups

DO NOT  use a low quality logo

DO NOT use a low quality logo


local brand

Catch The Fire as Your Local Church

Wherever applicable the global Catch The Fire logo should be used. Where more specification is required this brand extension model below is provided.


Churches (Primary)

Always use the name of city or town where the church is located. This prevents confusion and strengthens the idea that we are one ministry with many locations.  

Campuses (Secondary)

The general geographic location of your church expansion can be used, in case further localization is necessary (For example: Toronto Central, Toronto Airport).  



  • Translation: We prefer Catch The Fire to stay in English. Translations can be done on a case by case basis. Please let us know if you’d like a logo in your local language.
  • Branch name: We discourage adding anything else to the logo besides the location of the church. Please don't use a different name for your Catch The Fire branch unless it's a legal issue, in which case we will consider it on a case by case basis.
  • Departments: Please use the official Catch The Fire logo for your location. We do not issue brand extensions based on groups or departments. In cases of events, house of prayer or other groups, feel free to create something new. These things are local activities and it is up to you to create designs for them.


Using Our Brand in Your Designs

Each location has their own culture and flavour and we encourage you to be to able to express that in your designs. Below are some examples of how to best use the logo and what to keep in mind when creating your own artwork.


Business Communications

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards should use the global Catch The Fire logo, unless your location has its own charity number. Please note that we will not be issuing localized letterhead and legal papers for campuses. 

Official letterhead and envelope

Official letterhead and envelope


General Purpose

Use the logo on a charcoal grey bar for general purposes like signs, announcements, forms and other written documents.

Signs, waivers and badges

Signs, waivers and badges



Examples of good uses of the logo