A fitting name for a worldwide family of revivalists




We are a group of people from all around the world who are passionate about seeing lives transformed through real encounters with God.

Catch The Fire is an exciting, mature and dynamic organization which is growing rapidly in many areas. It is important in this season of growth and expansion that we clearly communicate a cohesive and consistent message to all our friends worldwide. This message needs to reflect who we are; a trustworthy, God hungry and Love centered network of People in Revival.

Our values, culture and identity as an organization make up our brand and it is reflected by the language, logo, typefaces and photos we use. As Catch The Fire continues to grow and expand across the globe, it has become increasingly important to express a clear and consistent visual identity. 

Our logos, typefaces, and color guidelines have been specifically selected to reflect our values.

These guidelines are developed to make sure that we are consistent in the ways we present ourselves. Using our brand consistently will reinforce our unity, passion and commitment to the the people that we serve.

All elements of the organization naturally aim to consistently communicate our values to the people they serve. In the same way, the guidelines contained in the following pages have been developed to ensure that, by being consistent in the use of our logos and our ‘look’, we communicate a strong and cohesive message with all of our print and web presence.

Please help us communicate our values through your excellent and consistent use of these branding elements.


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