Image Privacy and Policy Procedures


Capturing a moment by taking a photograph or telling a story through moving images are things we have embraced in our everyday culture. With friends and family, taking a photograph in a moment’s notice or videoing the experience is all too familiar now that we have phones accessible all the time.

Despite this instinctive behaviour, when working for an organization like a church or ministry, the image gathering etiquette slightly changes. In favour of the person being photographed or filmed, especially vulnerable people like children and the elderly, privacy and policy procedures are in place. Depending on where you live or what insurance your organization has, we recommend you research what privacy and policy procedures are in operation before you click away and use for design projects or social media posts.

May we remind you to be sensitive to people especially in vulnerable moments and therefore ask their permission before you take a photograph of them. In the moment may not be the ideal time to disturb them, however, after the event, be extra vigilant to follow through. Be prepared to delete.

It would also be desirable to ask permission when using their photograph in context, digitally or for print.

Please be aware, parents must consent to their child being photographed in any circumstance.

The example shown is from our Catch The Fire Church in Toronto which is a disclaimer poster housed in the entrance area of their building. It clearly highlights their photography and filming intentions when entering the building. This is an effective way to support their identified privacy and policy procedures.

Now your turn! Although this may tick all the boxes for Toronto, your location may be different. Take some time to research today so that you too can honour the image gathering protocol before any creativity is explored.