How to write a mini biography

Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart
— William Wordsworth

Writing a mini biography is a wonderful way to tell a story of a person’s life while captivating an audience. Across all the different communication channels in Catch The Fire, you will certainly see mini biographies used when describing speakers, leaders, pastors, staff or visitors for an event.

The more compelling the story is, the more intriguing it is to read. It does not mean you need to embellish or stray from the truth, but it does mean being intentional about how you write the story. Think of it as inspiration first followed by information, written in the most succinct way.

Your goal is to emotionally connect with your audience, while drawing them in to the story and taking them on a journey. Where applicable, you may want to take the opportunity to nurture a response, also known as a call to action.

For those who love all the details of the whole story, remember this is not an opportunity to write out a resume or cv. Edit out the noise where possible as there is a valid reason behind less is more. Also be aware of what title, role or responsibility you give someone. Think about who will be reading the mini biography as not every local or global title is relevant to the audience the mini biography is intended for.

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Here is a sample template for you to follow when writing a mini biography:

1. Photograph

Include a friendly, authentic and up-to-date photograph.


2. Name + title, role or responsibility

This may sound obvious, but do make a habit of double checking the job title, role or responsibility of the person you are writing about. It is surprising how different titles are interpreted, causing inconsistencies across the brand.

Communication’s director, Jon Long.

Jon Long, retail and communication’s director of Catch The Fire Church, Toronto

Jon Long, the communication’s director of Catch The Fire and retail and communication’s director of Catch The Fire Church in Toronto.

3. Inspiration

Keep content engaging by sharing the excitement of who the person is. This may include their passion, purpose and heartfelt values.

Jon is a resourceful problem solver and with a passion for marketing has an incredible gift of getting things done, especially when it comes to reaching tight deadlines.

4. Information

Keep content brief but write enough story to help give understanding to context.

Despite being a true Canadian, If Jon could live on a cruise ship somewhere hot, he would. Married to Melissa and a dad to three wonderful young children, Ethan, Benedict and Juliette, Jon enjoys living a culture of teamwork makes the dream work.

5. Optional extras

Add a little light hearted fun here if you want to. List three fun facts or list a few of their favourite things as suggestions.

A few of his favourite things: Can do attitude; efficiency; fun; cooking exquisite meals; and squirrels!

6. Call to action

An optional but a wonderful opportunity to encourage a response from the audience. Leave a website link or contact information to direct the audience into an engaging relationship, especially if the mini biography is for an event.

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Now over to you, enjoy writing!